The folks at the Guster management office just found a few hundred Pasty Tapes + Live at Joe's Place DVDs in the archives. Instead of recycling them, they want to send them to you! E-mail your name and address to by Monday April 21st @ 10AM EST and they'll send you three Pasty Tapes + the Live At Joe's Place DVD (while supplies last).

The new Guster album is being mixed right now in Seattle.

Check it out, Gusterrhoids!

Introducing “Guster: Live with the Redacted Symphony” — 10 songs performed live with a massive symphony orchestra a couple of years ago. You probably weren’t there. But now it’s yours to download, for free. Why for free? Because we are the goddam coolest band on the planet, that is why it’s free.

Here’s the track list:

What You Call Love
Two Points For Honesty
Fa Fa
This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart
Lightning Rod
On The Ocean
Come Downstairs and Say Hello

If you have the itch to buy stuff for the holidays after listening to the record, visit our webstore where there are special deals. The music in “Live with the Redacted Symphony” is designed to give you the itch to buy stuff for the holidays.



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