Ooh La La out May 17

First new Guster album in 5 years, first two songs “Keep Going” and “All Day” out now.

We Also Have Eras Tour

“We Also Have Eras” is a big chronological journey through our music, with theatrical skits, costume changes, Guster rarities, and many moments in between.

Ooh La Latte & Ooh La Lager Listening Parties

Lost and Gone Forever
25 Anniversary
Full Album Shows!

Hear the album live in Denver, Nashville and Portland, ME.

Guster once (intentionally) dropped a couch off of their college apartment balcony.
Titles that were (jokingly) considered for Lost and Gone Forever were The Ides of Guster, When Guster Attacks, Senior Week and Book on Tape.
Guster is from Massachusetts.
Their song “Window” was used in a weather channel advertisement.
Luke worked on Sarah Jarosz’s album “Undercurrent” which won a Grammy in 2017.
The ultimate prize back in the “rep” days was an autographed jar of raspberry marshmallow fluff.
Brian was once trapped inside a public toilet in Paris on their 2015 European tour.
Guster filmed the video for “Do You Love Me” at Gordon College.
If you listen closely in “Getting Even”, you can hear Brian talking in the background.
Page McConnell of Phish plays theremin on “All The Way up to Heaven” from Lost and Gone Forever.


Ooh La La

The new Guster album is called Ooh La La and it’s our first record in five years! It’ll be released May 17th on Ocho Mule Records.

Today we’re premiering two new songs (​KEEP GOING and ALL DAY​), ​one new music video​, and lots of ways to ​pre-order the album​ – you can get an autographed vinyl or tack on a Guster cameo-style video dedication to your order. We have included ​an option​ to show support for the band even if you prefer not to have a physical copy of the record.

In all sincerity, 2024 is a very big year for us. Ooh La La is one of many eras that our fans have carried us through and we couldn’t be more grateful. This album has groove and heart and depth and we are very proud of it. We hope you find songs to connect to and welcome it into the canon with your favorite Guster albums.

As we prepare to hit the road in March for a theatrical and chronological Eras tour, stay tuned for more information about pre-show album listening parties, special ​new merch​, and more new songs being dropped.

So proud to be announcing our 9th studio album today! We won’t take 5 years to make the next one!

Lost and Gone Forever 25th Anniversary Shows

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since this one came out!

We’re playing three (3) full album shows this year to celebrate Lost & Gone Forever- and I must say we’ve spaced them out quite well geographically. Denver! Maine! Nashville!

The Colorado Symphony will join us at Red Rocks Amphitheatre again this time and that makes Guster happy.

So let this serve as your Save The Date. Put it on your summer calendar and stand by for ticketing info etc.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for us and we are thrilled about it!

Red Rocks is sold out (you guys are quick) but sign up to get Lost and Gone Forever show updates in Nashville and Portland, ME.

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