Look Alive, y'all!

Our new album is called Look Alive and it comes out January 18th on Nettwerk Records. We’ve shared a couple of tracks and a few little snippets of information so far ("), but now we’re ready to get serious. We have a SONG called “Look Alive” which is track 1 on the ALBUM Look Alive, and that song premieres today on NPR Music.

Scroll down (or up) to see the album cover. Back? Okay...

The cover art for Look Alive was embroidered by a fabulous artist named Nikki Virbitsky. Thank you, Nikki!

Look Alive is available for pre-order from the Guster Merchandise Store on CD, Standard Black Vinyl, and a Deluxe Clear Vinyl variant. The deluxe comes with a special fabric-wrapped hardcover book, exclusive embossed cover, and a 10 page layout with printed sleeve & band portraits. We’ve included a bonus track, "When You Go Quiet," on physical copies to entice people to actually order them -- but we need not harp on this. Guster fans have supported our music, shared our music, and encouraged our creativity from the beginning. It is an honor to present Look Alive to you guys. After 27 years, it’s an album that will be a major part of our legacy.

AND HEY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST all CD and Vinyl pre-orders that come from the Guster Merchandise Store will also be signed by the band.

Everyone who pre-orders Look Alive through the Guster Web Store will be entered to win...

  • One of three signed vinyl test pressings of the record
  • Nikki Virbitsky, the Look Alive album artist, will immortalize one fan's portrait in full on embroidery style
  • One Acoustic House show during the upcoming Guster 2019 tour that will be live streamed on Guster's social media from your living room
  • One grand prize of guest list access with a +1 for any and every Guster show for 2019, excluding festivals

The THE LOOK ALIVE WORLD TOUR OF MOST OF AMERICA AND PARTS OF SOUTHERN CANADA (TLAWTOMOAPASC) is our most thorough tour in years. Presale starts tomorrow (October 31st) at noon for most shows! The code is: HARDTIMES

We’re going to Montana. We’re going to Texas. We’re going to New York City. We’re going to park that Gusbus in San Francisco and play three nights and DC for two nights, baby. Multi-show passes for San Francisco are here and for DC are here. Kicking things off in Boston on January 19th, which just happens to be (four days after) Guster Day!

Please note that all online ticket purchases (except for the Canadian shows + the Omaha Symphony show) include a download of the new album, which will be delivered to inboxes on January 18th. Also, everyone who buys a ticket before November 16th will be entered to win after show passes for them and a friend. Check out the dates in the tour section below.

Every show on the tour except Omaha is offering this contest. Multiple orders with the same name will not be double counted.